About me


Babatunde Olusola is a chemical engineer turned life coach assisting men in coursing through the right path in life, grooming them to become high- value men, and shaping them to stretch their
perceptions to create an enthralling vision for themselves.

As a life coach in his mid-20s, Olusola has a significant impact in Africa, especially in his native country, Nigeria. He is on a mission to liberate men from the destructive standards the
society enforces on them, while also enlightening them on the need to be better.

What I Do

As a life coach, content marketing strategist and businessman, my greatest ambition has always been to assist men in identifying life-impeding factors, help them find meaning in their reality amidst all the challenges and also develop strategies to help them excel in life. This I have done to a greater extent.

With the calibre of my quality based experience and outstanding knowledge, I have been able to assist over 20,000 men become high-value by assisting them in developing a self-unrivalled dedication to their purpose in life while also
mastering the mindset of the success they are committed to. Through my services, a lot of men have been successfully navigated out of depression by helping them find clarity in their tribulations.

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I’ll say it began at home as I was blessed to have the kind of father that will never tolerate disrespect. He never misses an opportunity to remind his children to add value to their life so their existence can be significant in the society. It is very important to know one’s worth as not everyone deserves access to you.
As young children in the ghettos of Lagos, Nigeria, my parents did well in keeping us out of the streets or should I say, keeping the streets away from us. Worth recognition and Access limitation are two things my father will remind you over again. That advice stuck and it shaped my life growing up.
My Progression into the role of a life coach actually emerged from the varieties of exposure and exploration I had during my university days. The experiences I had made me realize that men need to start doing better for themselves. So yes, My purpose was crystal clear right from the onset.
Seeing how men are being used in relationships prompted me to start sharing articles on twitter, to encourage men to put themselves first and find an upright goal to chase. By being consistent, many began to see my message as an eye opener and this motivated me to even do more. To be honest, It was a difficult task at the beginning, as many misconstrued my preachings as an act of misogyny. However, the afflictions i see manipulated men go through in relationships became a huge catalyst to my new ambition. The need to liberate men became a priority task.
Men have normalized “simping” and there is a need for change, it is that simple.
Over the years, there have been significant changes to the lives of men around me, the knowledge being passed on has become rapidly extensive, a major amplifier that inspires me to keep liberating men from toxic relationships.
Men have been used as tools for so long, the advocacy for a change has began, and this is just the beginning.